Anthropologie: Designers’ Favorite Consumer Brand

Whenever I come across an Anthropologie store, I stand outside for a bit and just analyze its window displays. What’s intriguing about them is that the designer uses rather common household items and creates an elaborately stunning piece of work. If there aren’t household items, Anthropologie hosts events for kids to come to the store and make crafts the designer will put into the design. As a 20-year old young adult, I think I’m slightly out of the age range to attend.

Aside from the window displays and interior decor that are brilliant on their own, Anthropologie is also a major player in content marketing. They are social-savvy on many platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, and their personal blog, and they know who their audience is. With Anthropologie’s charming, creative, and stylish brand personality, it’s no wonder every twenty- and thirty-year-old feels a connection with the brand.

What is Anthropologie doing that catches the eye of a designer, fashionista, or any artsy soul?

  • It is a curator. Anthropologie provides an eclectic mix of clothing, home décor, accessories, and gifts that women want to indulge in.

    Anthropologie is a lifestyle brand that imparts a sense of beauty, optimism and discovery to our customer. …Anthropologie products are an expression of our customer’s appreciation for artfulness and good design.

  • It is keeping print alive. Anthropologie’s catalog shows off the clothes and accessories by telling a story and showing a glimpse of the effervescent lifestyle it promotes. Also, if you were to ask any creative soul whether or not print is going to make it in the future, they would probably not want print to die. By keeping print alive and not relying on conventional marketing methods, Anthropologie is heeding that sentiment and building a strong consumer connection. Instead of following marketing conventions, Anthropologie focuses its attention on their products’ quality and the shopping experience in-store and online, which leads me to the next point.
  • Each of its 160 stores is custom designed by local clientele and there is no formal guide on how to design. The products are the same, but Anthropologie stores entertain a variety of eclectic styles. This shows that they understand that in-store experience still matters and is a rewarding component of content marketing. That is why they have local Anthro events, in-store concerts, DIY tutorials, and even pet adoption days. 
  • Its online presence is inviting, chic, and simple. That might explain the increase of 850,000 followers on Instagram in the past year. Anthropologie’s online presence also features new product releases, their employees wearing its apparel, and behind-the-scenes images from their events. 
  • It provides inspiration, because everyone could use a little motivation. Anthropologie regularly engages with its Instagram and Pinterest followers by inviting its followers to use a certain hashtag or by pinning 10-20 pins a day to send some inspirational content without overwhelming followers with pins.




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