Tips on Designing Your Personal Business Card

When you go to networking or social events, having a business card is one of the most important marketing tools you can create. After you and someone you want to keep in contact with go your separate ways, a business card is a handy way for that person to remember who you are. If you’re meeting with a recruiter for a job or an internship, what’s stopping them from immediately forgetting who you are after a week or two?
Your business card. 

Tip #1: If you are not sure how to design a business card, do some research or enlist some help. I recommend using Illustrator over Indesign since Indesign is better suited for laying out printed material, such as magazines or pamphlets. Remember: Basic business cards are 3.5″ x 2″.

Tip #2: Consider a logo.
This makes your card more memorable if there is an image. People also tend to make a logo out of their initials.

For example, my initials are G and W so I made this vector image on Illustrator.

Tip #3: Consider a finishing on your name.
This could be helpful if you just want to keep it simple, and put a cool finishing on your name or logo.

Raised ink
Press Embossing
Spot UV Coating
Rounded Corners

Tip #4: Choose a slightly heavier paper or cardstock if you can.
People tend to throw away flimsy pieces of paper.

Tip #5: Don’t choose a glossy coat.
In case the person looking at your card is in a really well-lit place, don’t choose a glossy coat that would reflect the light. Also, if the person is a recruiter, they might jot down a few notes on your card. Glossy makes it a bit harder.

Tip #6: One side should have more open space, or be left blank.
Again, in case someone wants to jot down a few things on there, keep it simple and clean.

Here are examples of creative business cards:


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